Flyscreens with Window Winders in Altona

Flyscreen with Window Winder

Flyscreen with Window Winder

We got a call from a new customer asking if we can do not only flyscreens but also install window winders because at their house, several windows could not be opened because the winders were broken.

So it was Melbourne Flyscreens and Doors to the rescue.

When we visited the property in Altona, sure enough – the windows of three rooms were stuck closed – no fresh air and no breeze … poor guys.

We went to work creating their white flyscreens, but also adjusting them to fit with new winders – check out the photo.

At the installation, we removed the old window winders, fit in the brand new windows winders, and installed the fly screens to match. The customer was delighted as you could imagine.

They could finally open their windows and cool down their house – at the same time keeping the insects and bugs out.

Job well done!

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