Hello to all.

2 exciting new products we feel we need to let our customers know about in order to make a more informed decision without any regrets!
Firstly, brand new to the industry is a modified version of a perforated security door. This new style is made of the same 2mm thick aluminium sheet,
but instead of little round holes punched in the sheet (perforated), this one has been punched in such a way as to resemble privacy mesh.

Basically it is a privacy mesh and a security mesh in the one sheet! It is a brilliantly simple idea, and we are wondering why it took so long for someone to come up with it.
With your free measure and quote, ask the technician to show you a real world sample …you will be impressed. And the price is the same as the normal perforated sheet.

The other new product we are proud to announce is that we now sellĀ  “Steel Security doors”
There are about 20 styles available from the welders which we purchase raw and then powdercoat to your colour, add the mesh of your choice, install locks, etc.
These doors are fully galvanised prior to powdercoating so you will get decades of reliable use. We can even powdercoat the door handles the same colour.

Steel doors have always been the dearest due to the labour involved in custom welding, but we will strive to undercut any written quote.